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Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

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Theatres of Odessa

Odessa State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater  

Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre. The Theatre itself is interesting not only by us architecture, but by its rich creative biography. The great merit in the development of musical culture in the south of our country belongs, to this theatre. P.Tchaikovsky, N.Rimsky-Korsakov, S.Rachmani- noff, Ezhen Izai, Pablo Sarasate and others performed their works. There appeared on the stage the actors, who glorified the home art/ the great singers: Fyodor Shalyapin, Solomiya Grushelnitskaya, Antonina Nezhdanova, Leonid Sobinov, Tito Ruffo, Batistini, Jeraldoni sang here, Anna Pavlova, the first world ballet- clancer, had been dansing here. In 1926 the theatre was awarded the title of "Academic". The theatre ballet group consists of 50 people. Among them such Hnored ballet dances of Ukraine as Andrey Musorin and Yelenaa Kamenskih - the participants of the Farewell Tour of Rudolf Nuriyev, and others. "Jizelle", "Sleeping Beauty", "Nut-Cracker", "Don Quihote", "Chopiniana", "Un Ballo in Maschera", "Hunchback Horse", "Carmen-Suite" are in the repertoire of the theatre. The ballet dancers were touring in Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Ceylon, China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, South Korea, Italy, Spain and Portugal - with Maya Plisetskaya and in Indonesia, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries. The opera singers troupe consists of 40 people. They are National artists of Ukraine - Lyudmila Shirina, Anatoliy Boyko, Anatoliy Kapustin and Vladimir Tarasov, the Honoured artists of Ukraine: Anisimova Tatyana, Irina Berlizova and Nataja Yutesh, Pavel Yermolenko, Laureates of International Contests. Viktor Mityushkin, Shalva Mukeria, Natlja Shvchenko, Ruslan Zinevich and others. There are 25 operas, such as "Carmen", "Aida", "Il Trovatore", "La Traviata", "Cavaleria Rusticana", "I Pagliacci", "Iolanta", "Madam Batterfly", Rigoletto", and jthers are in the repertoire of theatre. The theatre opera singers were appearing on the stages of Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Greece and the individual opera soloists - practically in all the countries of the world.

1 Chaikovskogo Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel: (8-0482) 222 - 230, 252 - 408, 224 - 904, 291 - 368, 291 - 314, 220 - 152 
e -mail:

Odessa Music Comedy Theater of Vodyanoy  

Odessa State Regional Musical Comedy Theatre by name M. Vodyanoy. The theatre company was born in Lviv, in autumn of 1946, and next year spring performed already its first performance with the symbolic name of "11 Unknown?. ?We were more ten eleven, but we were really unknown? ? the leading actor Mikhail Vodyanoy described later. But in no time dozens of talented actors became known to the whole of the country. We are grateful to the FIRST ? producer Izakin Greenshpoon , orchestra conductor E. Makarevich (he continued for many years as the chief choirmaster), artist A. Naidich, ballet master A. Opanasenko. N/ Bucharina performed in this performance (this tremendous comedy actress was the only one in the company, who had the name), E. Dembskaya, D. Kozachkovsky, I. Anipriev, Ya. Zorina, L. Ostroumova, S. Uvarov, I. Gorodetsky, A. Liberro. Among the performers of ?Stanley? was M.Vodyanoi - who performed even not in the premiere group, who would ever believe this? But this did not prevent him from becoming the first actor of the company for forty years and one of the genre leaders in the country. The actors were so passionate, their performing ? so sincere, that on April 3, 1947 "Lvovskaya Pravda" wrote: We saw the first performance and were glad to enjoy its success and health, the good, presented by the young collective, which no doubt gives him the write to live". Further on were "Silva", "The Merry Widow", "The May Night", and, finally "the sea-gull" - "Volny Veter". This was the first success on the way of contemporay repertoire mastering, on the way, which has become the theater's major one for dozens of years. This performance was staged by I. Greenshpoon, conducter Ya. Feldman, artist Yu. Stepanchuk, choreographer A. Opanasenko, wonderful actors performed in this performance: D.Kozachkovsky, N.Kochkin, N. Bukharina, E. Dembskaya, Ya. Zorina, that wa a marvelous debut of E. Dyomina and her unique duet with M. Vodyanoy was born. There were many performances, 4-5 every season performed mainly on the contemporary theme. They were not afraid to stage classical performances as well: ?Princess of Circus?, ?Bajadera?, ?Maritsa?, ?Mademuazelle Nitush?, ?Roz-Mari? (in this muxical comedy N. Udod, had his debut. The Chief conducter of the theatre for many years has become I. Kilberg. The performances were staged by V. Sklyarenko, D. Kozachkovsky, I. Greenshpoon. The Theatre acquired it's own fans and spectators. "The Young Theatre has its own creative face" wrote the mass-media. Since its first seasons the theatre started its tours around Ukraine. Its Odessa experience in 1950-1952 became quite a success. New bright talents enriched the theatre's company: among them the excellent vocalist Yu. Dynov in "Devichy Perepolokh" and "Goluboy Gusar"? The last performance performed in Lviv was ?Wedding Tour?, staged by V. Pikovsky, conducter K. Bebts, artist L. Failenbogen, in which I. Ivanova had her successful debut as Olga. In 1953 the Odessa Drama Soviet Army Theatre was sent to Lviv and the Lviv Theatre of Musical Comedy was placed in Odessa. Luckily, these good theatres did not suffer much, although, there were some losses. Thus, the theatre arrived Odessa and was met by the fans and admirers. It has got a warm receipt on the part of the local Odessa theatre leading figures.

3 Panteleimonovskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel:  (8-0482) 220 - 162, 724 - 4104
      (8-0482) 250 - 924( cash department ) 
fax: (8-0482) 223 - 217, 724 - 0124
e -mail:

Odessa Regional Russian Drama Theater of I.Ivanov  

Russian Drama Theatre by name Ivanov. Russian-language. Good to excellent dramas and comedies, performers and stage personnel at times perform miracles on shoestring budgets. Beware, some plays are more avante-garde than entertaining.

48 Grecheskaja Street
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel: (8-048) 722 - 4504
fax: (8-048) 722 - 7250

Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre  

Odessa Regional Puppet Theatre.

15 Pastera Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel / fax: (8-048) 760 - 1970

The Young Spectator's Theater of N. Ostrovskiy  

Odessa theatre of young spectator in name N. Ostrovskiy.

50 Grecheskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel: (8-048)726 - 9173
     (8-0482) 224 - 851 ( cash department )

Odessa Ukrainian Musical Drama Theater of V. Vasilko  

Ukrainian musical - drama theatre by name Vasilko. Ukrainian language. State-sponsored cultural productions. The puppet theater is located here as well.

15 Pastera Street
Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel: (8-0482) 235 - 566, 231 - 170
     (8-0482) 238 - 977 ( cash department )

Cash department  

Central theater cash department.

28 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-0482) 220 - 295, 220 - 245

Concert Hall of Odessa??™s Regional Philharmonic Theater  


15 Bunina Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-048) 725 ??“ 6903, 251 - 536
tel / fax: (8-048) 722 ??“ 4369 
e ??“mail:

Clown??™s House  


23 Olgievskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 65029
tel: (8-048) 723 ??“ 6316
fax: (8-048) 777 - 8291

Circus of Odessa  


25 Koblevskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine 65029
tel: (8-0482) 221 - 973
fax: (8-0482) 222 - 227

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

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Direct Real Estate Investments in Odessa, Ukraine

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