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Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Universities in Odessa. Ukraine's education, high schools, colleges.

European University  


15 V.Tereshkovoy Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 728 - 9155

Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management  


19 Chernomorskogo Kazachestva Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 232 - 321

Odessa Law Institute  


1 Uspenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-048) 731 - 4686

Odessa National Marine University  

Founded in 1930 it's now the only university in Ukraine and SIC, which graduates all the kinds of shore specialists for marine and river transport. Since foundation more then 30 000 specialists have been graduated for SIC countries, and more then 1200 for 69 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Nowadays more then 4000 students, including 100 foreigners, are studying at university.

34 Mechnikova Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65029 
tel: (8-0482) 235 - 229, 233 - 528, 728 - 3110 
fax: (8-0482) 341 - 192, 236 - 033
e - mail:

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa National Law Academy  

Today ONAL - center of legal education, culture, sciences of Ukraine conducting higher educational institution on jurisprudence. The academy agrees with the decision of a State accreditation commission of Ministry of education of Ukraine carries out preparation of the experts on maximum - IV to a level of accreditation. In October, 1999. ONAL is recognized by the winner in category - best legal educational institution of Ukraine.

2 Pionerskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65009
tel / fax: (8-0482) 639 - 764, 684 - 850, 633 - 404

Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration  

The winner of the "Golden book of the Ukrainian elite", the winner of the National competition "Golden trade marks", associate member of the International Academy of Refrigeration, member of European association of International Education and Black Sea University Network. Odessa state academy of refrigeration today is the center of educational-scientific complex "The Academy of Refrigeration", which includes 39 educational establishments of I - II level of accreditation, research institutes, industrial enterprises, situated in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolayiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Izmayil, Bila-Tserkov, Donetsk, Melitopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

1 / 3 Dvoryanska Street  
Odessa, Ukraine 65082
tel: (8-0482) 236 - 079, 232 - 220

Odessa National University  

I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University is one of the oldest in Ukraine. It was founded in 1865, when by the Edict of the Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander II the Richelieu Lycee which had existed in Odessa since 1817 was reorganized into Imperial Novorossiya University...

24 / 26 Francusky Avenue   
Odessa, Ukraine 
tel: (8-0482) 681 - 284 
fax: (8-0482) 235 - 254

Odessa National Polytechnic University  

Nowadays the Odessa National Polytechnic University is the biggest Southern Ukraine center providing training for future engineering and scientific staff. ONPU membership in the Association of European Universities (CRE) as well as this one at International Association of Universities (IAU) serve to increase the development in the orientation of research and learning activities as that regards the modern education strategy, such recognition of ONPU educational potential being useful to further progress and strengthening its international links with other Universities worldwide.

1 Shevchenko Avenue 
Odessa, Ukraine 65044 
tel: (8-0482) 225 - 021
fax: (8-0482) 344 - 274 
e - mail:

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Academy of Telecommunications  

Odessa national academy of telecommunications named after A.S. Popov has the honor to invite You to take part in the 1st International symposium ?Telecommunications without borders?. The idea of holding the symposium has arisen under the initiative of independent operators and equipment manufacturers of the CIS, a number of foreign countries.

1 Kuznechnaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65029 
tel:(8-0482) 232 - 344
fax:(8-0482) 236 - 269

K.D. Ushinski Pedagogical University  


26 Staroportofrankovskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65039
tel: (8-0482) 234 - 098
fax: (8-048) 732 - 5103

Odessa State Academy of Food Technologies  


112 Kanatnaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65039 
tel: (8-0482) 253 - 284, 291 - 140, 291 - 088, 724 - 2876
fax: (8-0482) 253 - 284, 228 - 042

Odessa National Marine Academy  

Odessa state sea academy is one of leading high Marin education world centers, which from 1944 year graduates high qualified specialists for Marin, river, fish fleets and enterprise of Marin transport.

8 Didrikhsona Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65029 
tel:(8-048) 733 - 2334, 777 - 5774

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa State Environmental University  

HISTORY: Founded 1932 as Kharkiv Engineering Hydrometeorological Institute. In 1944 the Institute was replaced to Odessa city. The Institute has the highest level of institution's accreditation GOVERNING BODIES: Science Council, Administration Council ACADEMIC YEAR: from 1st of September until 30th of June ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Complete secondary school FEES: 1000$-1500$ per academic year Main Languages of Instruction: RUSSIAN, UKRAINIAN or ENGLISH Student body: co-educational

15 Lvovskaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65016
tel: (8-0482) 636 - 308, 636 - 209

Odessa Medical University  

Nowadays the university is one of leading medical education Ukraine schools, member of International and European association of universities, International committee of UNESCO. It has modern technical equipments so we teach our students on world level standarts, develop researches and government health service.

2 Valikhovskiy Lane 
Odessa, Ukraine 65026 
tel / fax:(8-0482) 232 - 067, 233 - 324
e - mail:

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture  

Odessa state academy constructions and architectures invites on first year citizens which have completed intermediate education.

4 Didrihsona Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65091 
tel / fax: (8-0482) 204 - 182
fax: (8-0482) 233 - 510, 233 - 444

Odessa State Agrarian University  

For main part of agrarian specialists Odessa state agrarian university is alma mater; for main part of peasants Odessa state agrarian university is a high school where their children can get education and understandable qualification; for Ukraine Odessa state agrarian university is source of specialists, which are able to solve difficult problems of agrarian enterprises.

99 Kanatnaya Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65039
tel: (8-0482) 296 - 570, 250 - 120

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Open Britanian University  

Cooperation on higher education strengthens and deepens the whole fabric of relations existing between the peoples of Europe, brings out common cultural values, allows fruitful exchanges of views to take place and facilitates multinational activities in the scientific, cultural, artistic, economic and social spheres.

34 Mechnikova Street 
Odessa, Ukraine 65029 
tel: (8-0482) 235 - 229

International Christian University - Odessa  

ICU-Odessa is a non-state, post-secondary institution of higher education that provides a unique, English-language based curriculum, combining professional studies in business administration with a liberal arts program. Founded in 2002 through the cooperative efforts of Odessa Christian Open University of Economic and Humanitarian Sciences and The International Christian University - Vienna, ICU-Odessa confers a Master of Business Administration and Master of International Business degree. The university is truly an international university, with an international faculty and attracting students from throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Odessa, Ukraine
tel / fax:(8-048) 711 - 7385

Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration  


22 Henuezskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 639 - 705

Odessa Theological University  


P.O. Box 3
Odessa, Ukraine 65066
tel: (8-048) 755 - 6442 
fax: (8-048) 755 - 6530

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa State Economics University  


8 Preobrazhenskaya Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 236 - 158

Odessa State Music Academy  


63 Novoselskogo Street
Odessa, Ukraine
tel: (8-0482) 267 - 876, 237 - 449, (8-048) 777 - 3796, 777 - 1027

Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine
Apartments for Rent in Odessa, Ukraine

American Buisness Center in Odessa, Ukraine
Business and travel services in Odessa, Ukraine

Direct Real Estate Investments in Odessa, Ukraine
Direct Real Estate Investments in Odessa, Ukraine

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